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South Indian jewellery is all about richness, tradition, beauty and elaborateness and a generous assimilation of brilliant precious metals like gold, exquisite stones and a constellation of all that glitters. If you wish to get an insight into the opulence of what goes into the creation of jewellery hailing from this part of India, all you need to do is sift through a South Indian jewellery book.

Another popular trend being followed by lovers of South Indian jewellery is the Gutta Pusalu haram, which is a celebrated South Indian traditional design that features elaborate bunches of miniature pearls encircling an antique gold chain worn commonly. Gemstones like rubies, emeralds or kundan stones are also studded in it. Much like temple jewellery, Gutta Pusalu haram is also a greatly loved form of South Indian jewellery. Both are integral parts of any top-notch South Indian jewellery book, which will be considered incomplete if they aren’t featured.

One of the marked attributes of South Indian jewellery is that it is devoid of minimalism; in other words, it is distinctly extravagant, decorative and conspicuous for its embellished designs. A look through any South Indian jewellery book will convince you instantly of that through images and descriptions of South Indian jewellery articles, and going through it will surely dazzle your eyes. In addition to that, this reference book will also present the facts that are important for people to know. For instance, its technical details and specifications that are a part of most jewellery reference books to make things easy and comprehensible for anyone showing interest in it.

Finally, a South Indian jewellery book should be crafted out of the glossiest and the finest quality paper that suits the dazzling content inside. No compromise must be made on quality of the stationery being used in creation of this jewellery reference book. After all, when a trader picks it up, he should be impressed not only with the beautiful jewellery featured inside but also with the way the information is presented in it. A reference book is often a source of valuable information, so its compilers have to take care that it is impeccable, informative and helpful. It has to effectively bring out the essence of the beauty and facts about South Indian jewellery to captivate the eyes and mind of the reader and attain its aim.

A good South Indian jewellery book must be a compilation that can be called a complete whole in itself; i.e. it should carry out all the functions of an excellent reference book. It should contain all the details that buyers, traders or connoisseurs of South Indian jewellery require for their specific needs. A South Indian jewellery book should elaborate on important elements associated with South Indian jewellery, which include famous, time-tested varieties like temple jewellery, Gutta Pusalu haram and others. Temple jewellery, or traditional ornaments that have customarily been used to embellish idols of Gods and Goddesses in south, is now being worn by women to make a proud style statement of their rich South Indian culture.

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